Fleur De Lis Radiant Fragrance Warmer

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The stunning Fleur de Lis Radiant Fragrance Warmer in Matte Black adds style and elegance to your home decor while still being a functional. The warmers are heated up by a long-lasting bulb and they melt your favorite fragrance with no flames. The Radiant Fragrance Warmers also has an "on/off" switch for your convenience. 

The Fleur de Lis is a stylized lily or iris flower that is popular in french decor. With the matte black color, it is sure to become a focal point in your home or office.

Don't forget to add a set of Mixer Melts to your order so you can start enjoying your favorite Tyler fragrances, flame-free as soon as your order arrives. 

Note: Mixer Melts are sold separately.