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This attractive UNOde50 necklace combines silver plated pieces with brown leather which depicts liana vines. The centre of this necklace features a pink Swarovski crystal providing a beautiful and understated centrepiece perfect for any occasion.

- Pink 'X' Cut Swarovski Crystal
- Silver Plated
- 26 - 38cm / 10 - 15 inches (approx.)
- Made from 15-25 micron sterling silver plated Zamak bespoke to UNOde50 

'X' Cut Swarovski Crystals are exclusive to UNOde50 and designed to increase sparkle.

Zamak is a hypoallergenic metal alloy consisting of Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper.

A 2 Year Warranty is provided with each UNOde50 product